To reserve your spot in class, please enroll online before arriving for class. To do so, login to your portal and choose one of the following options:

1) Register for Class
We encourage all students to register for the year to make the most progress in class and get the discounted class rate!
How to Purchase Online: Account —> Register for Class —> Enroll in Class

2) Schedule Drop-in Classes
Drop in classes allow you to schedule class attendance for the exact dates desired and lets the teacher know to expect you.
How to Purchase Online: Account —> Register for Class —> Pick Dates to Drop In

3) Purchase An 8-Class Dance Card
Dance cards allow you to pay for 8 classes up front and then choose which dates you’d like to come to class. Please make sure to select whether you are getting a Ballet Class Card or a Tap Class Card. To use your dance card, register for a drop-in through your portal following the above prompts. The website will then allow you to bypass drop-in payment and select “use punch card.”
How to Purchase Online: Account –> Dance Cards



These classes are an excellent option for dancers who enjoy dancing on a more flexible schedule while also learning in a fun, yet professional environment. Classes include movement at the barre, center, and across the floor. Classes are open level.


This is a fun class for adults that emphasizes rhythm through the percussive use of footwork.