This year’s performance theme is A Midsummer Night’s Dream — think summer, dreams, nighttime, fairies, butterflies, etc. It’s going to be beautiful! To ensure that your dancer is prepared, please read all of the information below. Thank you for making the show a successful and fun experience for all involved. We are proud to showcase the talent of our dance students!

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When & where is the dress rehearsal?

  • Stage Dress Rehearsal (Elementary A Levels & Up)
    Saturday, June 4th – See your arrival time(s) in the spreadsheet below.
    Location: Scott Room at the Ballet 180 School facilities

  • Studio Dress Rehearsal (Pre-Primary & Primary Levels)
    At the studio during regularly scheduled classes. See your scheduled date in the spreadsheet below.

Does my child need to attend the stage dress rehearsal?
All dancers in Elementary A level and up that are performing in the show are needed at the stage dress rehearsal. Dancers in pre-primary and primary levels will have their dress rehearsals in the studio during their regular class time.

Where do I go when I arrive for the stage dress rehearsal?
Please enter the auditorium and find a seat in the audience.  We will be calling one class at a time to come up to the stage.

Do we need to stay for the whole dress rehearsal?
You may leave once you or your child has rehearsed each dance in which they are performing.

What should I wear to dress rehearsal?
Please arrive to dress rehearsal with full hair, makeup, and costume as if it were the day of the show. Masks are optional. Dancers that choose to wear a mask should wear a Bloch brand skin colored mask.


When & where is the show?
Sunday, June 12th at 12:00 PM, 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM.
Bayard Rustin High School — 1100 Shiloh Rd, West Chester, PA 19382

What time should dancers arrive to the theater on show day?
Dancers arrive one hour before the show and check in at the check-in table.

How long is the show?
About an hour long.

How do I know which show time my dancer is performing?

Dancers in pre-primary, primary, and elementary levels perform in only one show. Their show time is based on the day that their class meets.

12:00pm Show – Monday & Tuesday classes
2:30pm Show – Saturday classes
5:00pm Show – Wednesday & Thursday classes

The following classes perform in every show:

Ballet 1
Ballet 2
Ballet 3 & 4
Beg/Int Tap
Int/Adv Tap
Beg & Int Jazz
Beg & Int Contemporary
Int/Adv Contemporary jazz
Student Company

Do we need to stay for the whole show?
We ask that audience members stay for the entire duration of the show as a sign of respect for the dancers on stage.

What should I bring backstage?
To expedite check-out we ask that dancers bring only a gallon size ziplock bag with your name on it that contains the dance shoes needed for the show. DO NOT bring any food or drinks. We have water backstage. Food is not permitted in the dressing rooms.

How do I protect my things backstage?
Please write your name on all your things (on the inside of your dance shoes and on the tag of costumes/clothes). Please see above about what to bring.

If I’m in multiple shows, what should I do between shows?
Dancers are asked to stay in the dressing rooms between shows — the time goes fast!

What should I do about eating on show day?
Dancers that are in one show only should eat a big meal before the performance and then can eat again when they get home. Dancers in multiple shows should eat a big meal before the first show, and can bring a snack to eat between shows.

  • **NOTE:
    Eating in costumes is prohibited.
    Due to a food allergies, we ask that any food onsite be free of nut products.

May I take photos or video during the performance?
For the safety of the performers, NO personal video or flash photography is allowed during the performance. You are welcome to take pictures and video at dress rehearsal.

Who needs to buy a ticket?
Anyone sitting in a seat in the theater needs a ticket; Performers do not.

How should I buy tickets?
Ticket sales will open on May 1, 2022. You can purchase tickets online here:

Important Dancer Guidelines

  • Remove all nail polish, earrings, and other jewelry before arriving to the theater. 
  • Unless otherwise specified, dancers should wear their uniform pink tights and have hair in a sleek high bun. Masks are optional. Dancers that choose to wear a mask should wear a Bloch brand skin colored mask.
  • To create a sleek, performance-ready, high bun be sure to use extra gel and/or hairspray so that there are no hair wispies. See this video on how to create performance-ready bun.
  • Arrive to the theater in your costume with hair and make-up already finished.
  • In order to provide a secure environment dancers must be checked in by one guardian and checked out by that same guardian. All other friends and family should wait in the lobby. This extra precaution can cause delays, so please be patient. Our primary concern is the safety of our dancers.