Goodhart Hall of Bryn Mawr College
150 N Merion Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Thursday, December 14– Tech Rehearsal 4:30-7:30pm – All Cast Members
Friday, December 15 – Dress Rehearsal 5:00-7:30pm – Green Cast + Party Scene Cast
Saturday, December 16 – Performances at 11:00am & 2:00pm – See Below for Your Show Time(s)
Sunday, December 17 – Performance at 2:00pm – See Below for Your Show Time(s)

  • What is the difference between tech and dress rehearsal?
    • Tech rehearsal is held at the theater to set-up and test the technical components of the show such as lighting and sound and to practice spacing dances on stage. Dress rehearsal is a chance for dancers to practice their dances in costume. Depending on the show, sometimes tech and dress are held separately and sometimes they are held within the same day.
  • Who needs to attend tech rehearsal?
    • ALL performers need to attend tech rehearsal (12/14).
  • Who needs to attend dress rehearsal?
    • Only dancers who are participating in all shows (Green Cast + Party Scene) need to attend dress rehearsal at the theater.
  • What time should dancers arrive for tech rehearsal at the theater?
    • 4:30 PM – Dancers in the Green Cast (all shows) should be dropped off at the theater
    • 5:00 PM – Dancers in Primary (4-5) & Elementary C (age 7-8) should arrive with a parent and sit in the audience
    • 6:00 PM – Dancers Elementary A (age 5-6) & Elementary B (age 6-7) & Ballet 1 (age 8+) should arrive with a parent and sit in the audience
  • What time should dancers arrive for dress rehearsal at the theater?
    • Dancers in Green Cast + Party Scene arrive to the theater at 5:00 PM
  • Do we need to stay for the whole rehearsal time?
    • TECH REHEARSAL: Dancers in the Green Cast must stay for the whole rehearsal. Dancers in Blue, Yellow, and Pink casts may leave the theater once they have finished all of the dances in which they are performing.
    • DRESS REHEARSAL: Dancers attending dress rehearsal must stay the whole time.
  • What should I do about eating dinner at rehearsal?
    • Dancers should eat an early dinner before they arrive. 
  • What should I wear to tech rehearsal?
    • Dancers should wear their ballet uniform with athleisure warm-ups on top and bring any additional dance shoes needed for their dances.
  • What should I wear to dress rehearsal?
    • Arrive in your nude colored camisole leotard with your uniform tights on top. We recommend wearing athleisure warmups over your leotard and tights. Hair should be in a sleek (NO WISPIES) high bun and stage make-up should be applied. Bloch brand skin colored mask is optional.
  • What is a nude colored leotard and why do we need it?
    • Nude leotards should resemble your skin color and are meant to be worn by female dancers under their costume. They provide an extra layer of coverage and help to make quick changes easy backstage.
  • What time should dancers arrive on the day of the show?
    • All dancers must arrive to the theater one hour before their show time.
  • What should I do about eating on show day?
    • Dancers that are in one cast only should eat a big meal before the performance and then can eat again when they get home. Dancers in both casts should eat a big meal before the first show and can bring food to eat between shows. **NOTE: Eating in costumes is prohibited. Due to food allergies, we ask that any food onsite be free of nut products.
  • Which show is my dancer in?
    • See the color coded “Nutcracker Casting” spreadsheet for your assigned show time. Each class is highlighted with a color that represents their show time(s). If you do not know which class your dancer is in, you can view their class level/day/time in your portal.
  • How long is the show?
    • About an hour and a half including intermission.
  • When do I pick up my dancer from backstage?
    • Dancers in primary level (age 4-5) will get picked up during intermission. All other dancers will get picked up at the end of the show. Note: dancers in more than one show should stay backstage between show times (see below).
  • What should dancers do between shows if they’re in multiple show times?
    • We will have about 30 minutes between the end of the first show and dancer call time for the next show. Therefore, we recommend staying backstage to rest and eat. Dancers may check out at the front desk to say hi to their families, but they must be signed in and out by a single guardian and must return by dancer call time.
  • What do I do about my costume(s)?
    • We will bring all costumes to the theater and need all costumes returned in their original condition before dancers can be dismissed.
  • Who needs to buy a ticket?
    • Anyone sitting in a seat in the theater needs a ticket. Performers do not need tickets. Children under age 3 who will be seated on a parent’s lap do not need a ticket.
  • What show time should I attend based on casting?
    • See the color coded casting spreadsheet to find out when your dancer will be on stage. If your dancer is in multiple shows, they will be doing the same dance in each show. Therefore, you can select which show time you would like to attend.
  • How should I buy tickets?
    • Online ticket sales will be available on November 1st.


  • Before arriving for the show, remove all nail polish, earrings & other jewelry, and have hair and make-up stage-ready.
  • To create a safe environment backstage we ask that dancers bring only a disposable water bottle and a gallon size ziplock bag with your name on it that contains the dance shoes needed for the show (make sure your name is in your dance shoes)! DO NOT bring any food unless you are in both casts.
  • Girls: Arrive wearing a nude camisole leotard with your uniform tights over the leotard (no underwear) and wear work-out type clothes over top so you can stretch and stay warm. Hair should be in a sleek bun upon arrival. Bloch brand skin colored mask is optional.
  • Boys: Arrive in your dance uniform with work-out type clothes over top. Bloch brand skin colored mask is optional.
  • Dancers must be signed in and checked out by the same guardian. All other friends and family should wait in the lobby.
  • All costumes must be returned to Ballet 180 School on the original hanger and garment bag.