Join us for a Dance Birthday Party!

Celebrate your big day with dancing, music, and more as Ballet 180 creates a party just for you!

Please email or call (484) 639-9571, to create a party just for you!

About our Parties:
Parties with Ballet 180 are custom-made to fit the interests of the birthday child. Choose from themes such as Princess Party, Superhero Party, Animal Kingdom, or create your own! Our dance parties are suitable for boys and girls ages 3-18. 

$250 for a 1.5 hour party for up to 12 guests ($15 for each additional guest up to 20 total guests).

Ballet 180 provides a certified instructor for 45 minutes of dance lessons in our large studio. The small studio is included with your party and can be used for food and presents. We provide a table and a blanket for a picnic style snack. Guests are responsible for bringing food, drinks, cups and plates of their choice.