About Ballet 180

Ballet 180 Professional Contemporary Ballet on the Philadelphia MainLine OUR MISSION As a professional contemporary ballet company, Ballet 180 seeks to facilitate a 180-degree transformation in the lives of our dancers and the community by creating a positive platform for


About Studio 180

 Studio 180 Official School of Ballet 180. Located in Paoli, Studio 180 offers classes for children and adults from beginner to advanced. OUR MISSION Studio 180 was created to provide professional dance training in a personalized environment. Our mission is, “to empower students


About Move 360

Move 360 is our tool to get people moving! Our outreach program encourages people to use dance as a relationship-building means of self-expression, self-discovery, and tool for physical and emotional well-being. Annual events, workshops, and performances provide resources for connecting

Studio 180 Testimonials

Atmosphere is the best ever experienced in a dance studio.

Kelly is welcoming and friendly. She is knowledgeable and professional and conducts a fantastic class that is able to cater to various levels within the class.

My daughter is extremely happy dancing there and that's the most important thing.

It is a fun atmosphere whilst still providing a really good education.