Our goal remains to give all dancers the best, most memorable experience possible. In response to the continued challenges of dancing in 2021, all showcase costs are bundled into one flat rate per dancer. Participants receive one costume to keep, a video of the performance, and a reservation for two adults (plus siblings) to attend the show. This set-up is different from usual, but it allows us to both maintain necessary precautions and to offer an overall discount to our families! Below, we’ve outlined a bit more about what this year’s show will look like.
** Rain date: Sunday, June 20

Why will this year’s show be outside?

Most venues (including the theater we had reserved) are not renting out their spaces at this time. Also, being outside enables us to have more people enjoy the show at a time while being in an environment with great air circulation.


I’ve never been to an outside Showcase, what will it be like?

This will be our first time, too! But, we are excited for the opportunity to use the outdoors to our advantage. We will set up the event like a true carnival — think activity booths, balloon animals, prizes, and more! Our hope is that it will feel like a huge party to celebrate the end of what has been a challenging year.


If my dancer is in more than one class, am I paying for each class?

Normally there is a participation cost per class, but this year it is a flat cost per person, no matter how many classes they are in. We have worked hard to keep costs down for our families and streamline the show as much as possible.


If my dancer is in more than one class do they receive a costume for each class?

This year dancers will receive only one costume, no matter how many classes they are in. For dancers in more than one class, we have come up with a creative solution that will allow them to wear an all-in-one costume that can quickly convert from one “look” to another.


Why are dancers only receiving one costume this year?

As a result of COVID-19, costume prices have increased due to limited stock and challenges with canceled performances. To keep costs down for our families during this time, we decided to get one costume per dancer rather than one costume per class. In addition, there are severe shipping delays, so the fewer costumes ordered, the better we can track their shipment status. Lastly, since our performance will be outside, we will not have a traditional dressing room. Having fewer costume changes will speed the show along and provide more modesty for dancers when getting ready.


If I have two dancers in the show can four people come as audience members?

Yes, each dancer in the show gets two adult audience members.


How will seating work?

We will set up assigned seating with two seats for each dancer’s audience members. Siblings are welcome to attend the show free of charge and are encouraged to bring a blanket for sitting on the ground next to their adult chaperones.


How will you ensure social distancing?

To ensure the health and safety of everyone we plan to hold multiple show times. Multiple show times will allow us to maintain social distancing by limiting the size of our audience at any given time.

Are masks required for the showcase?

Yes, all performers, audience members, and staff are asked to wear masks for the duration of the event.


Which classes are in the Showcase?

All classes expect for toddler dance and teen/adult ballet.

How do I RSVP for the Showcase?

RSVP HERE: https://forms.gle/S7NSwat6VqtMcozX8