Studio 180’s Showcase

Join us for a garden themed performance that highlights the great talent of Studio 180’s wonderful students and all the hard work that they’ve put into their training throughout the school year. Studio 180’s Showcase will be held at McShain Performing Arts Center of Rosemont College on Saturday, June 17th at 1:00pm and 4:00pm. Rosemont College is located at 1400 Montgomery Ave, Rosemont, PA 19010 (click here for detailed map). Tickets available online here:


Info for Performers

  • Student Photo Day: Sunday, June 11 @ 12:00pm
    • Photos by the talented Brian Mengini. Dancers can wear their favorite dance outfit for a 20-minute portrait session at Studio 180. Reserve your time slot in advance through Brian’s website:
  • Dress Rehearsals Wednesday, June 14 & Thursday, June 15
    • See schedule below for arrival time and what to wear
  • Performances Saturday, June 17th at 1:00pm & 4:00pm
    • Dancers are asked to arrive for their performance in full hair, make-up, and costume 1 hour before the performance starts. 
    • Please check the schedule below to see the show time for your dancer. In general, week day classes are in the 4:00pm show and Saturday classes are in the 1:00pm show. The following classes highlighted below are in both shows:

Saturday Contemporary (SK)
Tuesday Jazz/Hip Hop (Kari)
Tuesday Ballet III/IV (Catherine)
Monday Tap (Matt)
Thursday Ballet II (Kelly)
Thursday Ballet III/IV (Kelly)




Costume Samples:

Pre-Primary Tap                           Pre-Primary Ballet                         Elementary A

           Elementary C                          Jazz/Hip Hop (7-11)                Primary Ballet


Performance FAQs

Does my child need to attend dress rehearsal?
 All dancers that are performing in the show are needed at the dress rehearsal. It gives our dancers a chance to become familiar with the stage and practice the dance in front of an audience.
Do we need to stay for the whole dress rehearsal?
You may leave once you or your child has rehearsed each dance in which they are performing.


Do we need to stay for the whole show?
We ask that you please stay for the entire duration of the show as a sign of respect for the dancers on stage.


How long is the show?
Approximately 1 hour.


Should I bring my child into the audience after they have completed their dance?
We ask that all parents remain in their seats during the show. Children may be picked up from the dressing rooms at the end of the show.


Do the performers need a ticket if they want to watch the show?

The performers do not need a ticket, as they will be in the dressing rooms/back stage.



What should I bring backstage?
It is highly recommended that dancers bring a caboodle or pouch for your accessories. For dancers age 8+ Please bring hairspray, extra hair ties & bobby pins, and all makeup needed for the show. Food is not permitted in the dressing rooms, but water bottles are highly encouraged.


How do I protect my things backstage?
It is highly recommended that you write your name on things (on the inside of your dance shoes and on the tag of costumes/clothes).
How do I pancake pointe shoes?

Apply pan-cake to pointe shoes (foundation in a color slightly lighter than your skin tone). Please see the “how to” article here:



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