Ballet 180 in a pre-school workshop

Move 360 InCommunity Workshops

InCommunity is a program that serves in local schools, after school programs, and early childhood education settings. Students will be led through movement workshops introducing them to ballet vocabulary, movement explorations, choreography and much more depending on the student’s age and stage of development. Through these workshops, students will have the opportunity to develop enhanced coordination, increase strength and flexibility, expand creativity, develop problem solving skills, and teamwork skills.

Lesson plans for workshops strive to meet the standards for physical and artistic development of the child. Move 360 InCommunity strives to personalize the workshop experience for each individual school/program by providing several different workshop choices and also providing the option of choosing one’s own theme to enhance or reinforce the current existing curriculum in your program. Schools/programs can choose from the options below:

Creative Movement (ages 3-5)

The creative movement workshop series is for children 3 to 5 years old. In creative movement, children will have the opportunity to explore movement fundamentals through the use of games, imagery and imaginative ideas. Children will be introduced to dance terminology, various music, new ways to communicate through movement, and engaging games that help children develop increased coordination and motor skills. This workshop series is an excellent way for the children to express themselves, utilize their energy, and begin their creative journey.

Create a Ballet (grades 1-3)

Create a Ballet workshop series is for students in kindergarten through third grade. Within this workshop, students will be introduced to all the elements of dance making, including choreography, costuming, sets and props, and performance. At the end of this workshop series, students will produce their own original ballet, in which all elements will be student generated.

Healthy Lifestyles (grades 3-8)

Healthy lifestyles workshop series is for students in grades three to eight. This series will promote healthy living through the use of movement to introduce an active lifestyle. This workshop series also caters to social and emotional well being of students in this age, tackling ideas of body image, bullying, and self-esteem. Through the use of team building movement exercises, this workshop series will integrate movement as a problem solving skill to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Master Classes available for High School and College students. 


To book a workshop, email Kari Gonthier at community@ballet180.org or call 484-639-9571.