Studio 180 offers dance classes for children and adults from beginner level through professional. Each student’s development, work habits and progress will be evaluated each year to assure appropriate level placement for the subsequent year of study. Student progress is also evaluated on an ongoing basis and level adjustments will be made throughout the year when warranted.

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Foundation Dance Classes

Foundation dance classes provide the framework for an understanding of the discipline and artistry of dance. Taught in a warm and welcoming environment, these classes will enable students to gain confidence in their dancing ability while developing their coordination and musicality skills.

Mommy & Me (Age 2 – 2.5)

This class is designed as an intro to dance for young students interested in trying dance for the first time. The class provides light exercise and basic movement vocabulary for both mother (or father, grandparents, or babysitter) and child. It is a great way to explore movement together in a safe and friendly environment. Classes will be held in 6 week sessions throughout the year. Participants can wear exercise clothes and socks or a full leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. If buying a leotard for your child, we recommend getting a light pink leotard with attached skirt since this is the dress code for our pre-dance program that students can attend at age 3. The cost per session is $65.

Pre-Primary (Ages 3-4)

Pre-primary classes are designed to encourage creative movement, self-expression and group interaction while introducing basic movement and music concepts.

Primary Dance (Ages 4-5)

Primary classes are designed to encourage creative movement, self-expression and group interaction while introducing basic movement and music concepts. These classes introduce children to music and movement through a structured progression of lessons, activities, and games.

Elementary A, B, C (Ages 5-8)

Elementary dance classes are a prelude to formal dance instruction. Students will learn basic vocabulary and steps in a structured, but fun environment.

Training Division

The Training Division  provides students with the structure and progression needed for proper training and growth. Students in the Training Division of classes are required to take a class placement and an interview.

Division I (Ages 8-10)

Correct form, alignment, placement and execution will be emphasized through proper technique.

Division II (Ages 9-11)

Students in this division are required to develop and strengthen proper alignment and technique while applying their technique to a variety of movement styles and forms of expression.

Division III (Ages 10+)

Students in Division III are challenged to go beyond basic technique and begin arranging more complicated dance patterns through increasing difficult steps.

Division IV (Ages 12+)

Students in Division IV will begin to focus on the musicality and performance quality of their movement through increasingly difficult steps executed with a emphasis on artistry.

Pre-Professional Program Recommendations

All students in our Training Division are invited to participate in our Student Company which performs in festivals and staged productions throughout the year.  Student Company members are asked to meet the below requirements during our school season. Continued coursework over the summer is highly recommended for technical progression and injury prevention.
Division 1 – At least 1 ballet class, 1 elective
Division 2 – At least 2 Ballet classes per week, 1 elective
Division 3 – At least 2 Ballet classes, 1 Pointe or Pre-Pointe, 1 elective or stretch
Division 4 – At least 3 Ballet classes, 2 Pointe, 1 elective, stretch

Boys Program

Designed for males age 3-18 to enhance athletic skills, strength, discipline, flexibility, mental focus, teamwork, and creativity. Participants in the program will have performance opportunities in Ballet 180’s annual performances. Please contact the studio for more information. Scholarships available for registered students. 

Teen & Adult Classes

Our teen/adult classes appeal to both teenagers (ages 12+) and adults that enjoy dancing on a more flexible schedule in a fun, yet professional environment. We offer a variety of classes throughout the week. Missed classes can be made-up by attending a teen/adult class on a different day.